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The Wiggin Means Precast Advantage...

Welcome to Wiggin Precast. Wiggin Precast is a Precast concrete manufacturing company located in Pocasset, Massachusetts, on the upper arm of the cape cod peninsula.

Wiggin Precast manufactures and distributes a variety of Precast concrete products such as:

  • Residential and commercial sized septic tanks and pump chambers
  • Leaching chambers and leaching pits for residential and commercial septic systems
  • Manholes, catch basins and drywells for residential and commercial site development
  • Redi-Rock Retaining Wall systems, including design assistance, with the ability to provide materials for both large and small retaining walls for residential and commercial projects
  • Delivery and installation of beautiful and functional concrete, concrete and brick, and bluestone with flagstone, platforms and
    steps for home, office or other facility

Wiggin Precast is uniquely located for delivery to service all of Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape cod and the Islands

Wiggin Precast is equipped with a fleet of both boom and crane trucks and pride’s itself on its ability to rapidly respond to every customer’s needs.

Free estimating of plans for septic, site or retaining projects is available.

Products Available at Wiggin Precast:

Boundary Markers
Barnes Pumps
Car Bumpers
Cast Iron Covers & Grates
Catch Basins
Concrete Covers
Concrete Curbing
Containment Containers
Distribution Boxes
Distribution Box Risers
Dry Wells

Fast Septic Tanks
Generator Pads
Jersey Barriers
Leaching Pits
Leaching Chambers
Monolithic Septic Tanks
Precast Bulkheads available with Bilco Doors
Precast Steps (available in
   Brick Veneer)
Pump Chambers
PVC Pipe & Accessories
Redi-Rock International –
   Engineered Retaining Wall
   System with Unique
   Interlocking Blocks.
   Available in Limestone and
Septic Tanks
Septic Tank Risers
Trench Drains
National Precast Concrete Association Northeast Concrete Products Association
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